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Mediation Services

Skilled Burnsville Mediator

Dissolving a marriage and determining child custody and visitation rights are stressful legal procedures. You could face drawn-out court proceedings and costly fees. Fortunately, you could benefit from using a mediator to resolve your family law issues. The Burnsville, Minnesota, office of Eric S. Rehm, Attorney-at-Law can provide effective mediation services for your family law issues.

Objective legal professional

Lawyer Eric S. Rehm is a qualified mediator with more than 30 years of legal experience. Mediators are neutral third-party legal professionals who can help two parties negotiate resolutions for their issues. He listens to both sides and then helps you and the other party find common ground. If you are considering divorce, contact our office.

We can help minimize stress

Divorce and child custody court proceedings can be stressful. Past transgressions and present animosity can create significant hostility. The office of Eric S. Rehm, Attorney-at-Law can help make your divorce or child custody proceeding less stressful.

We remain impartial and provide communication leadership. We discuss each side's concerns and goals to help you and the other party find solutions. By taking the hostility out of the discussion, we can help focus negotiations to best suit both parties' needs.

Mediation is confidential

One of the biggest advantages to mediation is its confidential nature. The following are also confidential unless both parties agree to disclosure:

  • All matters disclosed or occurring during mediation
  • Any records made during the procedure

Mediation is affordable and timely

Typically, mediation involves a few weeks versus the several months that court proceedings may take. The shorter process means you face fewer fees.

To discuss our mediation fee structure or how family lawyer Eric S. Rehm can help you resolve your issues, please contact us.

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